17 March, 2017

Quick Questions: Caterine Ibargüen

What has the world's best female triple jumper been up to since September? And where does she keep her Diamond Trophies? Our quickfire interview with Caterine Ibargüen.

Hi Caterine. What have you been up to since the end of last season?

After the Diamond League Final last year, we had a phase of transition, which was all about active relaxation. I enjoyed spending time in my country with my friends and family.

What are your objectives for this summer?

The World Championships are my main priority. To prepare for that, I also really want to do well in the competitions during the lead-up.

You have only lost once since 2012. Does dominance make it easier or harder to succeed?

I would say it makes it more difficult, because you have constant pressure, both from within yourself and from other people.

You know how to win the Diamond League better than most. Do you think that you can win it again under the new championship format?

I’m sure I can. I just need to make sure I am well prepared for the season.

You have won the Diamond League four times. Where do you keep your Diamond Trophies?

Haha! My coach Ubaldo Duany has the first one. The other three we keep in my family home, so that we can make a museum of victories at some point in the future.