02 April, 2020

Athletes in isolation

  • None of this, please. Stay home and practise social distancing! © Wanda Diamond League

  • © Wanda Diamond League

With the 2020 Wanda Diamond League season on hold and the world cooped up inside its own four walls, the stars of international track and field are having to get creative in in the time of coronavirus. From indoor workouts to extremely tasty sandwiches, we've collated some of the social media highlights from the first few weeks of isolation.

No competitions, training grounds closed and the Olympics  postponed until next year: it's a curious time to be an elite athlete. Fortunately, they are a creative bunch, and the stars of the Wanda Diamond League circuit have been keeping themselves busy and entertained in the last few weeks.

For those of you not glued to social media, we have trawled the timelines to see what athletes are getting up to in isolation and picked out some of our favourite posts. They range from the educational (think practical training videos) to the entertaining (dog-lifting) right up to the downright absurd (the love affair between a man and his sandwich). 

Check out our highlights reel below.