05 January, 2017

#TBT - The Very First Diamond League Meeting

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're taking a look back to the IAAF Diamond League's inaugural meeting, which took place in Doha in 2010.

In exactly four months time, the 2017 IAAF Diamond League season will kick off in at the Qatar Sports club in Doha. 

For the eighth year in a row, Doha will host the opening meeting of the season. Back in 2010, the city hosted the first ever IAAF Diamond League meeting. So what better way to spend Throwback Thursday than by taking a look back at that inaugural event?

Seven world leads, seven Diamond Race winners

It was certainly a high quality baptism for the new competition. The 2010 Doha Diamond League saw new world leads set in seven different disciplines, with the likes of David Rudisha, Alexis Copello, Christian Cantwell and Silke Spiegelburg also breaking meeting records. 

The meeting also saw athletes notch up Diamond Race points for the very first time. Of those athletes who won on the night at Doha 2010, seven of them went on to become the very first winners of the Diamond Trophy.

Yarelis Barrios, Blanka Vlasic, Nancy Jebet Langat, Allyson Felix, Christian Cantwell, Bershawn Jackson, David Rudisha all finished top of the standings in their relative disciplines at the end of the 2010 season, and several of them went on to become multiple Diamond Trophy winners in later years.